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Ration Card Information
Author : Friday, August 3, 2018

Number of ration cards among Indian citizens.

Ration, Rashan or Rasan card as known in India came about a little after the World War. The system of rationing started around a time when there was a scarcity of food which was rationed out in small quantities to people and soldiers. The concept came back to India and the Government used ration cards to deliver on the public distribution system which was giving different sections of society food grains for their daily consumption.

The ration card system has come a long way since then. Here are some interesting stats about the rashan card in different states of India.

State Number of ration cards distributed

Chandigarh 231970

Goa 140,685

Gujarat 521500

Jharkhand 5,710,747

Kerala 44579 senior citizens and 238200 families

Maharashtra 23,710,666

Meghalaya 21,49,027

Sikkim 3,24,081

Tamil Nadu 1,97,82,593

Telangana 1,49,00000

Tripura 8,93,426

Arunachal Pradesh 318,044

Manipur 510,487

Nagaland 284984

Across India there are 2.43 crore families using the AAY card, 4.09 crore families using the BPL card and 11.5 crore families using the APL cards respectively.

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