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Apply for Food License in India – Complete Details
Author : Fasiha Parveen Saturday, June 6, 2020

Apply for Food License in India – Complete Details

Why do you need a Food License?

Food safety is something that requires our constant concern. It is important to check the safety levels of the food you gobble to stay fit and protect yourself from various diseases. Keeping in mind how important it is to eat nutritious food to remain fit and increase the longevity of life, it is important to ensure the safety of the food we eat. Food safety is done on various levels, starting from the individual levels and continuing up to the State levels. In India, the responsibility of food safety and quality assurance lies with FSSAI. Below we will give some details about Food License India.

What is FSSAI?

Food Safety and Standards Authority of India, commonly known as FSSAI, is an independent body responsible for ensuring the safety and quality of food in India. The FSSAI issues a Food License to any entity or individual who is filing for opening a food business. The FSSAI ensures the quality of the food which is being sold in the Indian market place, abiding by the rules and set guidelines. The FSSAI keeps a regular check on the safety of food, regularly supervising and regulating the market.

Types of FSSAI Food License

Three types of food license are issued by FSSAI in India:

1. Basic FSSAI License- This type of license is issued to small-sized Food Business Operators (FBOs) like transporters, manufacturers, distributors, storage units, retailers, marketers, etc. by the State Government for 1-5 years.

2. State FSSAI LicenseThis type of food license in India is issued to FBOs with an annual turnover of 12 lakhs or more by the concerned State Government, valid for 1-5 years.

3.  Central FSSAI License- This type of license is issued to FBOs with an annual turnover of more than 20 crores like importers, large manufacturers, etc. This license is issued by the Central Government. The license is issued for the Head office and other states and is valid for 1-5 years.

Validity and Renewal of Food License

The food license is valid for 1-5 years based on the type of FSSAI License applied for. The concerned Food Business Operators are required to terminate their activities if the issued license has expired. Once the issued Food License India gets expired, it is time to get your food license renewed. The Renewal of the food license is set to be applied 30 days in advance, from either Form A or Form B. the renewal should be applied for a month before the expiry of the existing certificate. In case of delay or applying for a renewal after the expiry of the existing certificate, a late fee of Rs100 will be charged.

Cancellation and Suspension of Food License

 Your food license can be suspended or cancelled if:

  • The supervising officer is interrupted in his work.

  • The consumer’s safety is at risk due to serious complaints.

  • The rules of FSSAI are violated

  • The quality of food is not maintained and leads to diseases.

  • Non-compliant premises of the FBOs.

  • Non- compliance of any legal notice or improvement without reasonable excuse.



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