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Enjoy the job hunt from the comfort of your home.
Author : Marilyn Dsouza Wednesday, May 1, 2019

While the Employment Exchange has certainly been useful in rendering out jobs to a lot of unemployed people, a recently launched initiative called National Career Service seems to be making faster strides in getting things done. This portal, which was launched under the Ministry for Labour and Employment, is being seen as a positive step in establishing a stronger relationship between employer and employee.


What is the purpose of the NCS?

The NCS can actually be seen as a facelift of the National Employment Service. The way it has been envisioned, it will utilise the information obtained from its vast network of 978 employment exchanges in order to improve its functioning. This system will automatically cut out the hassle of visiting the employment exchange to register yourself and will enable you to do that from your very home.


Advantages of the NCS portal.

The moment an individual registers himself with the National Career Service by using his Aadhaar number, he is issued with an NCS card that will be used to identify the person moving forward. From providing a space that showcases different job vacancies, young people, elderly folks, those who have recently been fired, illiterate people and the rest can now have a look at a variety of jobs that they can consider signing up for.


This portal handles everything for you – right form tabulating the number of existing job seekers, job providers as well as the number of active jobs that have still not been taken up. Having expanded a bit more from what it used to be, this portal also makes career counselling available to students or other candidates in need of guidance.


Ease of the online experience.

Just when you thought this couldn’t get any better, the ability to sign up to this portal in just a matter of minutes is what piques one’s interest. Thanks to the power of information technology, the information available on the site includes details about job vacancies and positions that stretch across 53 sectors covering more than 3000 occupations.


This portal can be accessed from your phones as well as from a cyber café, without any restrictions. In addition, prospective employers will get the opportunity to meet interested candidates and interact with them at the job fairs that are also organised by this platform.


What the future holds.

The government has already set into motion a network of career centres that can focus on providing occupational and vocational guidance to people. Through this portal, the government is also looking at organising workshops that will provide hands-on experience and learning to registered job seekers so that they can continue to develop new skill sets.


The government is also looking to integrate this system with the CBSE database for easy and smooth verification of candidates’ academic records while looking to have some aptitude tests that can be taken to ascertain where one stands on this platform. Registration to this portal is free thus making a popular, well thought out system to eradicate unemployment.

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